Well Skelmersdale Leadership Programme

Lasting community change needs local leadership and Skelmersdale has a fine tradition of strong community leaders.  Investing in emerging local talent to continue this legacy is seen as important by Well Skelmersdale and it fits well with our dispersed leadership approach.  Last Autumn, we put out the call for people from the community who are ‘passionate about making a difference, people who are willing to collaborate, build relationships, and be entrepreneurial’.

In response to this, eleven people joined the new Leadership Programme which is now equipping them to step up and be part of a movement to create better conditions in which to live, learn, work, play, and grow across Skelmersdale.

Over the last six months, these participants have attended the four main Masterclasses of the programme, and had plenty of opportunity for personal reflection and development planning, alongside learning through practical action.

They’ve looked at different styles of leadership and what makes good leader:


and had a chance to assess their own leadership style:


They’ve been learning actively and creatively:


and looked at how building relationships can influence power, and how to negotiate:



Some participants were doubtful at first about taking time out from their busy lives to focus on themselves.  However all agree that by investing in themselves through this programme, their work within the community has become much more effective.  Linking with other leaders through the course and working together has also had the added bonus of enhancing their work on their own individual projects.

Stephen Covey, author of ‘7 habits of highly successful people’ once said: “The single most important investment we can ever make in life is investment in ourselves.  We are the instruments of our own performance and to be effective, we need to recognize the importance of taking time regularly to sharpen the saw”.

All the participants have found the programme incredibly useful:








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